The Evolving Role of the Actuary: your say

Valerie Du Preez

Actuartech and Montoux are partnering on a content series that digs into the heart of what the modern actuary looks like, the challenges and opportunities facing the profession today, and what the actuaries of tomorrow could look like.

We would like to invite you to take part in our survey - please click here to access.

This series will include views from actuaries from around the world. It will seek to answer a couple of key questions, including, among other:

• What is the impact of technology and data science on the actuarial profession?

• What is the role of the actuary in the current Covid 19 environment?

• Is actuarial training adequately preparing actuaries for the new challenges they face?

• How have the tools and technologies available to actuaries changed, if at all?

• What are some major expectations and trends actuaries foresee for the future of the profession?

Some initial views from our respondents are:
"We’re facing new challenges today, especially in respect to data science, and this is a problem because we need to be able to collaborate and in order to do this we need a better understanding of IT. And create teams of actuaries and data scientists."

"I think today’s challenges are hard, and while the training process is quite good but it’s mostly a theoretical one. I think we need more practical experience. “

" I think the market today needs more actuaries with IT skills, but in the past it wasn’t like this."

We hope that you can take part. If you have any questions about the survey, please do not hesitate to contact

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