Digitalising the Actuarial Operating Model: The future of work is here

The challenges faced at the moment given the global pandemic is causing actuarial teams to change their operating models significantly.

How ready have we been for this change and what issues have we been experiencing? 

Now, more than ever insurers must embrace change and rethink business models to move to digital tools and capabilities.

Join us in this webinar where we will be touching on the so what of solution and data architecture for actuaries - i.e. breaking it into simple to understand concepts - what do actuaries need to know.

We will be covering among other:

  • Processes, Data and Technology that underpins the actuarial operating model and how it is evolving over time. 
  • We will discuss the balance between business and solution architecture and how we ensure the solution is fit for purpose and understood by ‘functional’ technical stakeholders. 
  • We will talk about data management and core concepts around data warehousing, data architecture, data design and data storage.
  • We will also talk about key governance and controls measures that needs to be put in place to underpin the above operating model.


If you are interested in this webinar, please email to request the recording.

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