IFRS 17 Introduction: Hands-on Workshop

We are excited to present a brand-new workshop on the 12th of November! We will be hosting a hands-on, introductory IFRS 17 workshop on our training platform,  training.actuartech.com.


The purpose of this workshop is to equip participants with a strong grasp of the fundamentals underlying the new IFRS insurance contract standard (the Standard) and start utilising it in a workplace context. This workshop assumes an understanding of the standard facilities and functionality in Microsoft Excel, and principles of actuarial and financial reporting. We will be walking through a hands-on example with calculations.

Practical outcomes

  • A basic understanding of key requirements and changes the new IFRS 17 Standard is bringing
  • Hands-on exercise calculating the Contractual Services Margin using the General Measurement Model; including subsequent measurement
  • An understanding of differences of key metrics based on different reporting regimes
  • An overview of the new disclosure requirements

Points touched on include:

  • An overview of what IFRS 17 is
  • The background to IFRS 17
  • Important Concepts
  • The IFRS 17 Measurement Models
  • An overview of data required in the application of IFRS 17
  • Initial considerations when setting actuarial assumptions
  • Overview of IFRS 17 calculations
  • Applications to discount rates, risk adjustment, statements, and more
  • Implementation of IFRS 17 solutions (incl. software solutions)
  • Identifying gaps in transition readiness

This workshop is suitable for:

  • Anyone looking for a basic understanding of IFRS 17
  • Anyone interested in hands-on experience in working with IFRS 17
  • Anyone involved in the IFRS 17 implementation journey

Why it is important:

  • IFRS 17 requires a significant change in accounting and reporting practices of insurance contracts
  • IFRS 17 will have a significant impact on most actuarial and finance teams
  • Accounts need to be amended by 1 January 2023

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