Practical Data Science: how to get started in R by Actuartech

On Thursday, 25 March 2021 12:00 BST, we were pleased to present a demo on getting started in R.

This presentation aims to show practical steps to embark or advance on a data science journey in R. The presentation will show examples from each step of the data science pipeline from importing and cleaning, model building and testing, to visualisation.

By way of a demo of our interactive coding platform, we will show step by step how anyone can start to learn practical data science, including examples of code in each of the main steps in the process.

Based on recent benchmarking performed by us on the use of data science in actuarial functions we will show how teams are embracing and overcoming some of the barriers to adopting data science. We aim to show how any actuarial team can start their journey to deliver data driven insights.

We will discuss several of the features from our training platform, such as:

- The case studies, coding challenges and assignments relevant to actuarial work, based on relevant datasets provided
- The benefits of a training platform designed by actuaries for actuaries
- Ability to learn in your own time
- Our web-based interface supporting multiple languages - no need to install software
- Track your own progress
- Option to interact and network with peers

Our aim is to provide the tools and training material to empower Actuaries to embrace data science.

“I have found the course really useful and would thoroughly recommend it to my colleagues. It is a suitably concise course that provides all the main components of R programming needed for actuarial work from functions, actuarial calculations, charting and insight.” Actuartech Student 2021

The combination of data science and professional business skills is already improving the impact and relevance of analytics, helping provide new solutions and empowering leadership teams to make better, data-driven decisions. Collaboration between data scientists and other professionals within insurers and non-insurers will continue to be instrumental in making this happen."  Actuartech

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