Virtual Roundtable discussion: AI Governance & Risk Management Framework in Insurance

Thursday 28 May 2020, 12 PM BST 

AI have become more and more popular within the financial industry, and many insurers have started out on their AI journey.

We will talk about some of the worries around delegating decisions to machines, and how to overcome some of these challenges. 


We will build on this to help identify ways to obtain sufficient comfort in the models in order to make business decisions and to be able to explain the impact to stakeholders, in particular the AI risk management and governance framework that could be used to support this.

Join us for a virtual roundtable discussion, with experts from across the insurance risk management spectrum as we discuss and explore:

AI and its role within the business (for example the differentiation between using AI models as back office tools to understand the business versus building AI models to automate process and decision making)

The adoption of AI within the business including reliability versus ethical & trust debate

The Governance around AI and accountability

The operating model in which AI are being used 

We will attach a link to the ICO draft guidance "AI auditing framework” and the PRA requirements that automated trading model retain a "switch off" controlled by a human that can be activated when markets are tailspinning.

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