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We are the home of actuarial technology for insight, training and networking.

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We have access to consultants that can support teams with data strategy, AI frameworks and developing of target operating models related to data science and technology.

We support startups, who are providing solutions to the actuarial industry with guidance coaching and access to a wide range of relevant case studies and insight.

We take technology and data science beyond the theoretical and can uncover, and explain, in simple to understand language the impact it will have and the problems we are trying to solve and ultimately what value it will bring to the organisation.

We cut through the noise and bring you the simple, easy to understand insight and practical examples.

Meet the Team

The lovely folk at Actuartech

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Team Lead

Valerie is the founder of Actuartech, and leads the team to provide hands-on training in the use and application of data science in a business context. Valerie has played key industry roles to understand the value and risk of data science through her involvement in:

● Modelling Analytics and Insights Data Science Working Party and the subsequent Practical Applications Papers

● Data Science Actuaries Group and Virtual Conferences on the Risk Management of Data Science

● A task force member working on the ethical guidance for practitioners working in data science

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Accounting Lead

Nico is a qualified chartered accountant and member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants and uses his statutory and regulatory reporting experience to provide subject matter expertise in the development and presentation of our hands-on, IFRS 17 and reporting courses.

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Technical Project Lead

Edward is a Consulting Actuary and Technical Project Manager. As an advisor and consultant, Edward assists senior management with strategic direction and couples these solutions with quantification of the impact on the bottom line. He assists corporate teams to identify training gaps and potential areas of growth for teams.

picture of valerie
‍R Lead

Patrick has graduated with his B.Comm Honours in Actuarial Science and is leading corporate students on their data science journey in R and Python. Patrick uses his research in machine learning techniques; including his experience in R and Python to help identify ways to solve business challenges including, for example:

● Investigating the impact of customer behaviour on policy cancellations

● Investigating the impact of COVID 19 on mortality and longevity experience

● Investigating the impact of IFRS 17 on actuarial and finance reporting results

picture of valerie
Python Lead

Delene has graduated with a Masters in Engineering from Stellenbosch University. Delene has extensive Python experience and is leading corporate students on their data science in Python journey. She leads the delivery of the actuarial engineering course which equips professionals with the skills necessary to transition to open-source, understand model deployment and version control, produce readable and reliable code, and structure their models as collaborative and auditable pieces of software.

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Technical Consultant

Mehul has graduated with a Bachelor’s in Economics from Delhi University. He is a student actuary and a member of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries (IFoA) with strong experience in both R and Python programming languages. Mehul uses his actuarial background; coupled with an understanding of modern-day programming and technology techniques to address real business problems including:

● Investigating the experience and impact of climate change on society; and the identification of a climate risk monitoring index

● Developing and prototyping IFRS 17 calculation and reporting software

picture of valerie
Systems Lead

Bronte’s background in accounting, coupled with her focus on information systems management, supports the team’s development of finance specific software and information management training solutions. She has experience of using data science to analyse cyber security and is equipped to guide students through their data science training journeys, particularly with regards to R and SQL.

picture of valerie
Marketing Lead

Lara’s strong communication skills, developed through her background in applied linguistics and language editing, complements the technical expertise of the team. She uses these skills; together with critical thinking and challenge, to identify and recommend training opportunities for corporate teams and individuals, and assists in managing the standard of training provided.

Some of our partners

Short note to say really enjoyed today’s webinar. It had a very clear message. […] fully in agreement with the comments that it is imperative we maintain our professional and ethical stance at all times if we want to continue to be trusted and relied on.


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Short note to say really enjoyed today’s webinar. It had a very clear message. […] fully in agreement with the comments that it is imperative we maintain our professional and ethical stance at all times if we want to continue to be trusted and relied on.


I just wanted to say what an interesting presentation that was. Thank you so much for taking the time to put this on for us, it is very much appreciated by all – especially the flexibility around hosting as a webinar instead of the original [in-person] format. It worked very well indeed!


I think I’m [one of the first actuaries in my area] who are pointing towards Data Science, creating the new [role] of Actuarial data Scientist. For this reason i [sic] decided to follow a post graduate master in Business Intelligence and Big data analytics. I'm actively following your company and i [sic] think it is one of the best Actuarial consulting company [sic] who [sic] is pointing towards data Science!


I love your videos - being free and accessible really helped me. The Q&A session was fantastic! It always comes down to execution and I feel this should always accompany your presentations - answering the question of how will your participants use what you give them. Keep up the great work!

Round Table

Thank you for having me along. I really found it the most motivating conversation I’ve had in a while, and made me think about what I’m trying to achieve within this area. We all need evenings like that to get some perspective on what we *think* is going on and what actually is. It was a very good evening.

Round Table

It was a really good introduction to Data Science and afterwards I felt that I now have a platform that I could use to further my understanding in this area.


I am really happy to have been part of the talk. It was very insightful and please keep doing more of this. I am a data science student currently but I have an actuarial background. I worked in life insurance for about 5 months before resigning to do my masters in Data science so that I blend the actuarial world and Data science together. The talk gave me perspective. Even suggested some potential topics for my Thesis.


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