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Practical application of Innovative Technologies in insurance: two modern use cases

Friday 19th February 2021 09:30 AM GMT


On the 19th February 09:30 AM GMT, we are pleased to present two non-traditional insurance use cases that are challenging the norm with the use of innovative AI and technology solutions; leveraged from cutting-edge technologies in wider fields:

1. Leveraging on recent technologies on AI/ML and big data management tools deployed in banks, hedge funds and other industries, we introduce an effective AI-acceleration tool to deal with large-scale complex calculations, enabling frequent and cost-efficient runs in response to ever-changing business environment and markets.

2. Embedded Insurance: Taking an Innovative Leap to Expand Distribution Networks
In insurance, the best kind of customer experience is when services are offered exactly at the right time the customer needs them the most. In this lightning talk, we’ll discuss how to upgrade your IT infrastructure to support embedded insurance, and some actionable steps you can take to jump-start this strategy.

Panelists include:

Gary Wong, CEO Artemis AG, and Business Development and Marketing
Gary is an experienced FinTech partner covering AI/ML, Big Data and cutting-edge Technologies - not R&D but for Production, with £1M+ revenue for 5+ years.  Now advisor and business development for multiple AI/ML and fintech firms, hedge funds and banks.

Prior as head quant trader and Head of Structured Trading in Mitsubishi Sec, grew profit by 500% and ran Trading, Quant, FO Risk and FO Technology.

With deep business knowledge and wide range of clients’ coverage and problems solving, he is an expert on business-technology interface, leveraging cutting-edge technology to create practical business applications that ‘move the needle’ on P&L, workflow/control and big data.  

Ten Tang, Business Team Lead, Oursky - Presenter
As a tech consultant at Oursky, Ten works with tech startups and enterprises to address their tech challenges and help them overcome them with her experience being a product manager of a SaaS business. Once led the development of a back end as a service (BaaS) that serves users globally, she has the first hand experience building an as-a-service-business and delivering amazing customer experiences via web and mobile apps.

Valerie du Preez, Director Dupro Advisory, Actuartech - Facilitator
Valerie has played a key role in the Institute and Faculty of Actuary’s journey with data science including:

- Modelling Analytics and Insights Data Science Working Party and the subsequent Practical Applications Papers
- Data Science Member Interest Group and Virtual Conference
- A task force member working on the ethical guidance for practitioners working in data science

She advises insurers and technology providers on the application of data science that incorporates business domain experience and optimal strategies that delivers data driven insights.

She launched actuartech.com: an insights page providing thought leadership on the topic of technology and data science, for actuaries.


Foundations in R Training: sign up now

Following the successful release of our Foundations in R Course in January we are now releasing access to our next intake of students commencing April 2021.

The course will include access to our Foundations in R for Actuaries and Practical Case Studies: Mortality Analysis, Lapse Rate Analysis and Visualisation. These courses are designed by actuaries, for actuaries and are suitable for actuarial teams and students looking to improve their knowledge of the R programming language in an actuarial context.

Each of our courses (and future courses) are presented through fully-interactive Jupyter Notebooks that run directly in your browser - no need to install 3rd party software. These will allow you to edit pre-existing code and generate new code as you work through the course. In addition, we provide an RStudio IDE directly in your browser for you to use.

Sign up here for our April intake.

We have received some fantastic feedback from our first intake of students and would like to thank them for their participation.

"I am enjoying the course a lot so far, thank you."
"My interest in the course was coding and data collection, and the course is proving very useful."

‍Foundations in R for Actuaries

This course guides you through the data science pipeline as it applies to the R programming language. We believe in building programming skills from the ground up so we dive into the basics of R before exploring R's wealth of packages. We establish programming fundamentals and building blocks which will allow you to tackle R projects logically and apply these techniques to other programming languages you may wish to learn in the future

‍The course is structured as follows

  1. Getting Started: An introduction to R, data science, and the tools used
  2. Problem Specification: How R can help your business and simple use cases
  3. Data Collection: Programming fundamentals, using R's data structures, importing external data, and using R's internal datasets
  4. Data Management: Conditionals, loops, and creating functions
  5. Model Building: Using mathematical and statistical models in R, including built-in statistical distributions and functions
  6. Data Visualisation: Various methods of visualising data in R

Figure 1: Courses are presented interactively within Jupyter Notebooks

Limited places available for April - register hereWatch an overview video of the training platform here

‍Case Study: Lapse Rate Analysis

We present an end-to-end walk through investigating lapse rates in a life insurance context. A policy lapses when a policyholder either defaults on their premium payments or otherwise cancels their policy before the term has ended or before a claim. We make use of publicly available data on policy lapses and guide you through cleaning the data, preliminary visualisations, feature engineering, fitting models, and reporting and interpreting results.

The course is structured using the data science pipeline as follows:

  1. Introduction: What are lapses and why be concerned about them, and an overview of the data source
  2. Problem Specification: What we set out to solve, overview and initial checks on the data, and the external packages we will be using
  3. Data Collection and Management: Preliminary visualisations and analysis, feature engineering
  4. Model Fitting: Fitting the data to various models including multiple linear regression, regression trees, and random forests
  5. Reporting: Performance comparison and merits of the models and approaches used, further recommendations and a feedback loop for next steps

In order to get access to this course you need to successfully pass the Foundations in R Assignment. Once you have subscribed we will issue your Assignment.Subscribe to this course here

Figure 2: Discover data science through relevant actuarial case studies

Other Resources

By signing up, you also get access to our rich resource library containing webinars and papers on topics around data science, reporting, and actuarial applications.

You will also have the opportunity to network and share ideas with other professionals through our topical forum discussions.

Figure 3: Video lessons from the Resource Library take you beyond programming

Be Part of our April 2021 Intake of Students

We invite you to be part of our first intake of students on to the platform! We will be running our Foundations in R and Practical Case Studies as a 6-8 week course.

  • Engagement with the instructors via Zoom and on the forum
  • You will receive access to the platform for 3 months from enrolment
  • Access to the Resource Library containing videos, lessons, and webinars presented by actuaries at the cutting-edge of actuarial and data science
  • Receive discounted rates on new content as it is released
  • Certificate of completion after completing an assignment which will be provided to you after week 5

In order to proceed please pay your subscription of GBP 250 here - you will also be asked to create an account.

Upon registration, you will also be invited to a live zoom call on 1 April at 10am GMT during which the use of the platform and the outline of the course will be explained. You will have the opportunity to ask us any questions.
 Timeline (Indicative)


Week 1:  5 April - 11 April             Introduction to the platform and how it works.
                                                    Chapter 1 - Problem Specification
Week 2: 12 April - 18 April            Chapter 2 - Data Collection
                                                    Chapter 3 - Data Management
Week 3: 19 April - 25 April            Chapter 4 - Model Building
Week 4: 26 April - 2 May              Chapter 5 - Visualisation
Week 5: 3 May - 9 May                Foundations in R: Assignment
Week 6: 10 May - 16 May            Case Study on Lapse Experience Analysis
Week 7:  17 May – 23 May          Case Study on Mortality Experience Analysis
Week 8:  24 May – 30 May          Case Study:  Visualisations in R

For a copy of our terms and conditions and privacy policy please refer to this page

Any Questions Please Contact Us

‍Future Courses

We are still hard at work putting together future courses and case studies to be released. We are building fundamental courses for actuaries in Python, SQL, and IT domains. We are also developing case studies to explore mortality, retirement benefits, and non-life topics. If you have any specific training suggestions or needs please let us know here.

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The Insurance Pricing Game

The Pricing Game is a global data science competition with real motor insurance data.

#Active tracks

    Real motor insurance data

    Build a prediction model for claims

  Play in a simulated marketplace

The competition launched in December and closes in February 2021. Results will be announced in March 2021.

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Attend sessions during #ProWeek (1st-5th March 2021) where Protagion Active Career Management's professional mentors, coaches and special guests will be discussing your career questions virtually. You’re welcome to attend as many topics as you wish.

Express your interest on LinkedIn

Protagion will be adding specific sessions to the LinkedIn event feed as they are finalised. Topics include: CPD & Reflective Practice, Insurtechs/Fintechs, Consulting/Contracting as a Career, Building Skills, Managing a Business, Non-Executive Director (NED) roles, Career Transitions, Work Life Balance, Purpose & Meaning, and more...

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Listen to our recent webinars on-demand here: Exploring Ethics & AI within Financial Service | Interpretable Machine Learning

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