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The Evolving Role of the Actuary: Have your Say

Actuartech and Montoux are partnering on a content series that digs into the heart of what the modern actuary looks like, the challenges and opportunities facing the profession today, and what the actuaries of tomorrow could look like.

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17 July: Panel discussion: The evolving role of the actuary

Following on from our survey above, this series explores, among other, themes around training, COVID-19, and also explores the future role of the actuary.

In this webinar, we will aim to discuss:

  • What makes an actuary? Our technical and professional skills, the areas we work in and our wider responsibility to society.
  • The impact of COVID-19 on the actuarial profession, the challenges of remote working, the reliance on technology and the main industry challenges and changes actuaries are facing.
  • The role of the actuary yesterday, today & tomorrow - how has the actuaries’ role evolved, the challenges and opportunities facing the profession today, and what the actuaries of tomorrow could look like.
  • The impact of sustainability on the role of the actuary and the ways in which actuaries can contribute, whilst encouraging their clients and peers to do the same.
  • How can data science add additional value to an actuary’s role and what ethical responsibilities does this generate with regards to data?
  • How can actuaries prepare themselves for future changes and developments impacting their role?

The discussion will be aimed at actuaries but is open to a wider audience.

Panelists include:

John Taylor, Immediate Past President at the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries (IFoA)

Simon Jones, Partner & Head Of Responsible Investment At Hymans

Colin Dutkiewicz, Global Head Of Life At Aon Reinsurance Solutions

Stephen Carlin, UK Customer Success Director, Montoux

The panel discussion will be facilitated by Valerie du Preez, Founder and Managing Director, Dupro & Actuartech

To register, please click here

Actuartech Virtual Events

Introduction to Data Science On Demand Training Course

ON DEMAND: Introduction to Data Management and Visualisation in Insurance

ON DEMAND: Introduction to Machine Learning Model Building, in Insurance

ON DEMAND: Introduction to Data Science End to End Pipeline, with a Case Study (Insurance)

For further information please email info@actuartech.com or to access more relevant online courses click here


AI Governance & Risk Management Framework in Insurance: A Virtual Panel Discussion

AI has become more and more popular within the financial industry, and many insurers have started out on their AI journey.

During this event we talked about some of the worries around delegating decisions to machines, and how to overcome some of these challenges.

Watch our on-demand virtual panel session now, with experts from across the insurance risk management spectrum to hear how we have discussed and explored:

  • AI and its role within the business (for example the differentiation between using AI models as back office tools to understand the business versus building AI models to automate process and decision making)
  • The adoption of AI within the business including reliability versus ethical & trust debate
  • The Governance around AI and accountability
  • The operating model in which AI is being used

A brief highlights video of this webinar is available to view here.

Click here to view the full webinar on-demand


Available on Demand

Listen to our recent webinars on demand here: Exploring Ethics & AI within Financial Service | Interpretable Machine Learning

All of our webinars are available on demand and information regarding future webinars and how to register can be found by visiting our website www.actuartech.com/webinars


Virtual Executive Data Science Sessions

Insurance Data Science Training | Executive Virtual Lunch Series


The aim of the executive virtual lunch is to support the leadership or executive team of a particular function or of the company to develop an awareness of the data challenges and opportunities the insurer is facing. It consists of round table discussions over lunch on a regular basis.

We were extremely pleased to receive the following feedback after a recent training session:

"I just wanted to say a huge thank you for such an excellent talk. At one point I think I saw that we had over 40 participants, which would be a Company record!"

Examples Topics being covered:

•Demystifying statistical learning models

•How to target key, valuable and realistic business cases for the company

•Unleash the power of external and unstructured data

•Big Data, Machine Learning and AI: what is possible and what is not?

•Communication, storytelling and communication power in AI

•Evolution of technologies and processes : operational, effective and scalable approaches

•Interpretable machine learning

•Developing an ethical framework for AI

For further information on how we can support with virtual data science events please email info@actuartech.com

We are the home of actuarial technology for insight, training and networking.

Actuartech provides leading insights and research on the topic of actuarial technology.

We take technology and data science beyond the theoretical and can uncover, and explain, in simple to understand language the impact it will have and the problems we are trying to solve and ultimately what value it will bring to the organisation. We cut through the noise and bring you the simple, easy to understand insight and practical examples.

Job Opportunity: UK

Managing Director/Associate Partner at Large, Multinational Consultancy

This is a unique opportunity to build your own consulting business within a large multinational company based in the UK. In this role, you’ll be part of the executive team and perform at the intersection of traditional management consulting and Insurance/reinsurance.

For more information about this position please send an email to info@actuartech.com

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July 2020 Newsletter

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