November 2019 Newsletter

Data Science Webinar 8 Nov

The power of computational notebooks Introducing Jupyter

8th November 12 pm GMT

Computational notebooks provides a modern day coding environment for users to perform data cleaning, data analysis, statistical modelling, numerical simulation and data visualisation.

Jupyter provides a free, open source interactive web tool for combining various coding and data analysis resources in one single document.

Join us in a live online webinar to learn about the power of these computational notebooks.

We will cover:

1. An overview of computational notebooks

2. An introduction to the Jupyter ecosystem

3. The power of Jupyter

4. Application use cases for actuaries

5. A short interactive demo in a notebook showing code execution

6. Practical tips to get started

We will also provide an opportunity for participants to ask questions.

Register for the webinar here.
8 November 2019
12pm GMT

Data Science for Actuaries     Cape Town Event

Actuartech is delighted to present at 6pm on 21st November 2019 in Cape Town:


Data Science is rapidly developing and quickly becoming an essential tool for modelling and statistical investigations. It opens up a world of data discovery, data visualisation and predictive power. Therefore, there has never been a better time to explore the benefits of data science.

Join us in Cape Town for a networking evening, aimed to explore, by way of a practical example, some of the benefits of data science

The event aims to:

  • Help one get set up and started with coding by looking at some of the basics.
  • Explore an example of data analysis and visualisation
  • Explore an example project of fitting a loss distribution to a set of data.
  • Discuss the importance of model validation and peer reviews

Register for the 6pm 21 November 2019 event Cape Town here.

For tickets and further information please click here or email

IFRS 17 Webinar: On demand available

Actuartech was delighted to take part in the Legerity IFRS 17 webinar.

The webinar explored how digital transformation impacts the role of finance and actuarial.  

Guest speakers included; Jeremy Wood (CEO and Founder of Legerity), Mark Miller (IFRS Global Lead at Legerity), Jean Rea (KPMG Ireland), Mike Wilson (ditto & RegTech Markets) and Valerie du Preez (Dupro/Actuartech).

Listen to the webinar on demand here.

In The News.....

Ethics guidance for actuaries

The Institute and Faculty of Actuaries and the Royal Statistical Society have worked together to jointly produce a new ethical framework for their members and practitioners working in the field of data science. See here for more information.

Save The Date!

Exploring Ethics & AI within Financial Services

Webinar 5th December: to register early

Important Update: Our Consultation Portal is Live

We are pleased to announce that our On Demand Consultation Portal is now live.

The portal is designed to provide start-ups, individuals and teams with valuable insight, advice and support, on the topic of actuarial technology, where and when you need it most.

Book a free 30 minute consultation with our experienced in house tech actuary Michael Jordan here.  

Cape Town Actuartech   Meet-up Group...

We have a new WhatsApp group for Cape Town to share regular topics of interest and to be notified about upcoming events.

Ask us to join here:

Coffee in Cape Town: 29 Nov

Monthly Coffee Meetup in Cape Town - last Friday of every month!

No need to book. Join us for a cuppa on a Friday - every last Friday of the month, Cape Town: for any questions

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November 2019 Newsletter

Written by Valerie Du Preez

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