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On-demand Webinar The Impacts of Insurtech: Image, Video and Audio applications

In this webinar, we continue to explore opportunities created by new Insurtech innovations as well as look at how companies are responding.

Insurers have the opportunity to utilise new sources of data and associated technologies and utilise these technologies and other Insurtech innovations to drive better pricing decisions, managing claim costs and reducing operating expenses.

We discuss a brief history of Insurtech and how it is likely to develop in the future. We also explore the application of image, video and audio in the financial services industry and in insurance.

Speakers included Ed Plowman, Experienced international GI actuary, Hugo Clugston, Head of Portfolio Management and Business Planning at Talbot Underwriting Ltd and Cherry Chan., Partner at Barnett Waddingham LLP.  The webinar was facilitated by Valerie du Preez, Founder and Managing Director at Dupro & Actuartech.Listen On-demandRegister Now

Read our Evolving Role of the Actuary Key Findings paper here...

Actuartech and Montoux have partnered on a content series that digs into the heart of what the modern actuary looks like, the challenges and opportunities facing the profession today, and what the actuaries of tomorrow could look like.

We’re excited to share with you the preliminary results from the ongoing survey ahead of our in-depth industry study, which will be published later this year. These preliminary findings include responses from 70 respondents from around the world.

“There have been multiple technology driven changes that have helped us automate various repetitive tasks, thus leaving quality time to be spent on analysis and helping with an organisation’s strategic decision making.” Survey Respondent

By investigating the evolving role of the actuary, we wanted to better understand the value actuaries add within their roles today.

Respondents commented on the importance and value-add of their technical and professional expertise coupled with their foundational analytical skill set, which is increasingly finding new influence and credibility within organisational strategy and decision making. As companies accelerate and diversify how they use data and incorporate more sophisticated analytical techniques, actuaries have found themselves as a logical resource to rely on when companies make strategic decisions.

Read more of our preliminary findings here ....

We are still accepting responses in our survey on the role of the actuary here
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Listen to our recent webinars on-demand here: Exploring Ethics & AI within Financial Service | Interpretable Machine Learning

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We take technology and data science beyond the theoretical and can uncover, and explain, in simple to understand language the impact it will have and the problems we are trying to solve and ultimately what value it will bring to the organisation. We cut through the noise and bring you the simple, easy to understand insight and practical examples.

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October 2020 Newsletter

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