September 2019 Newsletter

Practical Data Science Event

19 September London

Overview and theory of data science in insurance - a few places still remaining, sign up today for our:

19th September London event.

In a world of high volume and varied datasets, data science techniques are invaluable to an insurance professional's toolkit to provide actionable insights from data. Join us in London for this practical training opportunity.

Interpretable machine learning Webinar

13 September: Online

Sophisticated machine learning models have the potential for high predictive accuracy but their complexity may sometimes result in black box models, which, in some cases, may appear to be a trade-off between accuracy and interpretability.  For the actuary, the ability to articulate the outputs of a model is important and becomes crucial where models are used to inform important business decisions or where stakeholders need to understand the underlying dynamics of a system, and the impact of the results.

Sign up for our Interpretable Machine Learning webinar here
13 September 12pm BST... The presentation will cover:

  • The importance of interpretability
  • What it means to have an interpretable machine learning model
  • Examples of approaches that have been used to provide interpretability  
  • A practical case study showing an example approach to explain model predictions.
  • Q&A

On demand introduction data science

An overview of our practical data science webinar is here

You can also listen to the full recording Data Science and Actuaries: a practical overview by registering for the on-demand detailed content.  

In this webinar, we discussed how improvements in computational power and the exponential increase in data available, has given rise to the use of data science techniques in a wide variety of areas, including finance, driverless cars, image detection, speech recognition etc. In a world of high volume and varied datasets, data science techniques can add valuable tools to an actuary's toolkit to provide actionable insights from data.

Also - register here for our upcoming training event London 19 & 20 September: introduction to Data Science in Insurance: 2 day training event

AI in Insurance: a risk management perspective

More and more businesses are starting to adopt Artificial Intelligence based solutions. Besides considering the apparent project risk that implementing such techniques introduce, enterprises need to consider what the overall impact will be on their Risk Profile after the launch. Many might have to change their risk oversight and mitigation approaches before implementing Artificial Intelligence techniques.

Join us for another interactive roundtable discussion over dinner to explore how AI can become a source of competitive advantage in insurance - and the role the actuary can play?

Date 19 September 6pm London.To find out more and to register your place, please click here.

To listen to a podcast on the importance of risk management in adopting AI in insurance follow this link

Coffee in Cape Town

Monthly Coffee Meetup in Cape Town - last Friday of every month!

No need to book. Join us for a cuppa on a Friday - every last Friday of the month, Cape Town.

Watch this space...

Highlights over the next few months:

  • The role of the actuary in digital transformation
  • An insights article on modern day actuarial modelling

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September 2019 Newsletter

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