Practical Application of AI in Insurance: Two Modern Use Cases | Innovative Insurance Technologies

February 19, 2021


On Friday 19th February at 09:30 AM GMT, we were pleased to present two non-traditional insurance use cases that are challenging the norm with the use of innovative AI solutions; leveraged from cutting-edge technologies in wider fields:

1. Leveraging on recent technologies on AI/ML and big data management tools deployed in banks, hedge funds and other industries, we introduce an effective AI-acceleration tool to deal with large-scale complex calculations, enabling frequent and cost-efficient runs in response to ever-changing business environment and markets.

2. Embedded Insurance: Taking an Innovative Leap to Expand Distribution Networks
In insurance, the best kind of customer experience is when services are offered exactly at the right time the customer needs them the most. In this lightning talk, we’ll discuss how to upgrade your IT infrastructure to support embedded insurance, and some actionable steps you can take to jump-start this strategy.

Panellists include:

Gary Wong, CEO Artemis AG, and Business Development and Marketing
Gary is an experienced FinTech partner covering AI/ML, Big Data and cutting-edge Technologies - not R&D but for Production, with £1M+ revenue for 5+ years.  Now advisor and business development for multiple AI/ML and fintech firms, hedge funds and banks.

Prior as head quant trader and Head of Structured Trading in Mitsubishi Sec, grew profit by 500% and ran Trading, Quant, FO Risk and FO Technology.

With deep business knowledge and wide range of clients’ coverage and problems solving, he is an expert on business-technology interface, leveraging cutting-edge technology to create practical business applications that ‘move the needle’ on P&L, workflow/control and big data.   

Ten Tang, Business Team Lead, Oursky - Presenter 
As a tech consultant at Oursky, Ten works with tech startups and enterprises to address their tech challenges and help them overcome them with her experience being a product manager of a SaaS business. Once led the development of a back end as a service (BaaS) that serves users globally, she has the first hand experience building an as-a-service-business and delivering amazing customer experiences via web and mobile apps.

Valerie du Preez, Director Dupro Advisory, Actuartech - Facilitator 
Valerie has played a key role in the Institute and Faculty of Actuary’s journey with data science including:

- Modelling Analytics and Insights Data Science Working Party and the subsequent Practical Applications Papers
- Data Science Member Interest Group and Virtual Conference
- A task force member working on the ethical guidance for practitioners working in data science

She advises insurers and technology providers on the application of data science that incorporates business domain experience and optimal strategies that delivers data driven insights.

She launched an insights page providing thought leadership on the topic of technology and data science, for actuaries.


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